Bonnie Coffee was created by Melburnians, Lloyd Smith & Alex Zielke, and their happy team of coffee professionals who are all passionate about high quality coffee.

Born from humble beginnings, there are now 2 unique locations positioned in heritage buildings in the hearts of Melbourne and Sydney.

We believe the best coffee proudly reflects the unique characteristics of the place from which it is grown and has its own natural, cultural and climatic imprint on the beans.

We work with a variety of coffee growers and coffee roaster from around the world who grow their coffee beans with extreme care to ensure the fruit to cup experience is of the highest quality and taste.

Each year we showcase a premier selection of single-origin coffee from each region across the coffee growing world, for your tasting pleasure – prepared as both espresso and filter.

These are complemented and underpinned by our consistent and much loved house blend – the Bonnie Blend.

To follow our passion, we live by a single-minded philosophy, “Do one thing, and do it well”… For us at Bonnie, that one thing is good coffee.

Keep caffeinated and we look forward to welcoming you at Bonnie Coffee soon.


Lloyd Smith
Alex Zielke