A full-bodied 4-bean blend roasted medium-dark for espresso.

Dark and complex rich cup notes of chocolate. Caramel & toffee perfect with milk or a deep and punchy espresso.

Kenya, Central Province
Costa Rica, Terrazu
Brazil, Minas Gerais
PNG, Wahgi Valley

Dose: 18.5 grams
Temp: 92ÂșC
Extraction time: 27-30 seconds
Yield: 38 grams
Best after roast: 7-26 days


Like you, we love coffee. That’s why we’re constantly searching the world for exceptional coffee from different regions and roasters for you to taste and enjoy.

Each season we focus on one specific growing region and work with exceptional roasters from around the world to showcase this great tasting coffee as part of our ‘World of Coffee’ program.

Our roasters are constantly trying out new roasting techniques and methods to highlight different coffee flavours, so they can deliver a unique and exceptional taste to coffee lovers like you.

This means that every week of the season, different roasters from the region we focus on for that season, showcase their different varietals, processing methods and roasting techniques here at Bonnie Coffee.

As the seasons change, our ‘World of Coffee’ region changes to best suit the weather and to better match the changing taste profiles and preferences that accompany each new season.

We warmly invite coffee growers and roasters from around the world to join our ‘World of Coffee’ program, and we look forward to welcoming you to savour the world of coffee with us here at Bonnie Coffee.